The Club Suntory website was designed to give almost 10,000 members in Australasia
 an enhanced membership experience via the desktop and mobile sites. 

The website gave it's members access to a huge database of cocktail recipes, the ability to book a spot at educational sessions, enter competitions, download current and past editions of the Club Suntory magazine as well as manage their employment and contact details.

The administration site for Club Suntory was designed seamlessly integrate with the Club Suntory website and give Suntory Australia staff control over the membership experience of almost 10000 hospitality industry professionals in Australasia. The level of access and control was customisable (according to the level of seniority of the staff member) and allowed Suntory staff to filter the database of members, approve or reject new membership applications, send out custom designed email invitations and SMS's to events and competitions, review Google Analytics for the Club Suntory web pages as well as manage a huge database of cocktail recipes that were used in Club Suntory's online Cocktail Menu Maker system. The administration site also had custom-designed reporting functionality built in that allowed staff to view and export reports on any members, events, competitions or any other membership benefits from desktop and mobile devices.

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